Friday, June 10, 2011

Toolchain for ARM

  Hi people,
  I'm following some instructions from Embedded Artists to build my own toolchain, compile and upgrade board's u-boot. I'm working with Kubuntu 11.04 and using the followings packages:

  - u-boot 1.16 with 2 incremental patchs from EA.
  - uClinux-dist-20070130.tar.gz
  - kernel linux-2.6.21
  - arm-linux-tools-20061213.tar.gz

  It's strange that we need two toolchains, arm-linux and arm-elf. Actually I couldn't compile the kernel yet and than I downloaded the uLinux.bin and romfs.img from EA website.
  We can't compile the kernel with arm-elf because this toolchain is too old (according to error message). So we have to compile the kernel using arm-linux. I'm not sure yet why two toolchain.. anyway we move on... =D

  Marcelo Jo

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