Friday, June 17, 2011

Creating jffs2 image

 Hello people!   Last time I wrote that we had some problems in generating jffs2 file system image. So I read on the internet about a bug when using -v option in mkfs.jffs2. I tried to generate the jffs2 image by taping the command and I think that I got it.

So, you'll need:
- mkfs.jffs2 (from mtd-tools)
- file system (it's generated when compiling uClinux in the uClinux-dist directory named as romfs)
- dev_table.txt (located at uClinux/vendors/EmbeddedArtists/LPC2468OEM_Board/dev_table.txt)

To better comprehension let's copy dev_table.txt to uClinux-dist directory:
cd uClinux-dist
cp ./vendors/EmbeddedArtists/LPC2468OEM_Board/dev_table.txt ./
Now let's generate the jffs2 image by taping:
mkfs.jffs2 -d ./romfs -D ./dev_table.txt -l -o ./images/jffs2.img -e 128 -n -m none -p
If you want to understand what we are doing, take a look on mkfs.jffs2 man page, it's not that complicated!

That's it!
Marcelo Jo

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