Saturday, July 21, 2012

Philip Koopman - Better Embedded System Software Review

  Hello there!
  This post is a review of Philip's book - Better Embedded System Software. I was looking for a book where I could learn a little more about the processes of making an embedded system project or how improve my designs, improve the management of my projects, etc. I wasn't looking for something big or "complicated" as PMBOK, so I found this wonderful book.
  Although the word Software in its title, you can use most of all suggestions to your hardware design too.

The book covers the following topics: system development plan,  requirements,  architecture,  design,  implementation and test plans. For every topic the author give us the bad symptoms if we are not doing a good job or doing in an incorrectly manner, the risks if we continue doing in that way, how to improve or correct our management and the pitfalls to follow his suggestions. Everything with lots of good practices and good ideas.
  I think that this book is intend for people who has already a good background in development and want to improve a little more in project management. Once I mainly worked in small and medium companies, I always notice that in those companies we weren't very organized or they didn't have a methodical approach to design and that was the cause of many problems and bugs that could be solved before they happened.
  At the beginning I though that this book was a little expensive but after reading it I realized that it worth every penny payed.


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